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February 1st, 2008

We wanted to update the membership and the public about the Roundhouse. It appears that most of the demolition has been completed. The Office Building, Warehouse, Machine Shop and parts of a few of the west stalls still remain. All the steel appears to have been remove some time ago. The huge piles of brick and other debris have been bulldozed flat around the entire property. A very deep unprotected ditch was dug from the Machine Shop to the road it an apparent effort to drain the accumulated water out of the basement.

A recent story in the Crestline Advocate reported that Mr. Roof is working with someone on a steam tractor museum. They did have three tractors on-site, including a sawmill, which was being used to produce building materials for their project.

Currently there is a large mobile trailer on-site along with three or four semi-tractors for sale.

Mr. Roof has yet to contact the Society, as promised, about his selling price for the property and remaining buildings. The Board of Directors have resolved that all debris must be removed from the site before we would consider any purchase agreement.

The Society itself is at a crossroads as to its future plans. Many people joined with the only goal of saving the Roundhouse and now that that goal has been eliminated some feel we should disband.

Others are still very much committed to the goal of preserving the history of the building and of the people connected with the railroad in Crestline.

Some are still interested in beginning a museum locally. They would prefer to use what is left of the Roundhouse facility for this museum, if a fair arrangement can be reached. Barring that option, they are open to other trackside properties.

The Board of Directors is committed to carefully weighing all options and the input of every member is necessary to determine what the Society will do next.

Please send your comments to Public Relations

Thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for your comments.

Board of Directors
Crestline Roundhouse Preservation Society

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